Is Speed Dating for You?

Speed dating represents a quite new way of matchmaking. It is fast and well-organized, set up for the singles to make new friends and finding a life-companion of their dreams. Usually speed dating event happens as a party where men and women meet each other and talk with each other for around 7 minutes before they switch the interlocutor. When all potential candidates have met each other, they provide a list where they have the names of those, who they would like to see again. The organizers of speed dating events check these lists out and those people, who have chosen each other, get each others’ phone numbers, and other contact information. This depends on the rules set up by the organizers of the speed dating events.

Speed dating is rather successful way of dating. Its success can be explained by the fact that the first impressions made in several first minutes are permanent impressions. Keeping this in mind the agencies organizing speed dating events consider that 7-8 minutes is enough for the people to decide if they make a good match or not. As a rule speed dating parties present formal parties and events. Historically, matchmaking parties have always been present in the society in this form or another.

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There are also opinions that state that speed dating is a waste of time representing a shallow pursuit that doesn’t allow people getting to learn each other on a deeper level. People, who think this way, consider that a long-term relationship can only develop at slow pace when people learn more about each other gradually with patience and time. However, many others find speed dating a fast and easy way to meet new people and find a life-time companion. Together with this speed dating keeps you on a safe side from a bad date. Even if you don’t like your date, you are on a mini-date and it is possible to sustain an unpleasant to you person for a few minutes not feeling awkward, uncomfortable and not hurting this person’s feelings. There is no pressure on you as these 7-8 minutes pass quickly.

There also other pros and cons for speed dating, however, these are the most common ones. Disputes the views that are quite contradictory about speed dating, it is the latest matchmaking invention. It is safe and fun. People usually dress up for these occasions and speed dating events take place at stylish venues. So, together with finding your special one, you can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and setting. It is you, who decides if speed dating is for you. Once you try you will know the exact answer.