How little informed is the society

LGBT communityI am still surprised to see that even that we are such a free country, with all kinds of peoples for all around and all kinds of behavior, there are lots of us out there that use words without knowing their meaning. And I will tell you exactly what paid my attention and why I felt the need to discuss this.

I don’t have a lot of free time but I still try to go into the park, at least two times a week, for a quick jog. I don’t really like doing sports, but I need to, so I do my best. A few days ago, when I was taking a break from running I saw a group of boys playing somewhere near me. They were making jokes, laughing and I heard one of them calling another, gay. That paid my attention because in that moment I wondered if they really know the meaning of this word. They throw this word from one at another and for them it was such a funny thing. I almost felt the need to go and ask them if they think it’s ok to use this kind of words for laughing of someone.

But I realize that probably they are to little and no one explain to them. In my opinion they were somewhere between 12 and 14 years old. They probably have no idea of what gay dating is about and more fore sure they never heard about LGBT community and what is all of that about. Because if they knew I don’t really think they would use the word in such a wrong place. For me this is a sad thing. I thing that we have to learn our kids that in this world there are different kind of people. We are all unique. We were born this way. Each person has different opinions, different likes and dislikes and of course that as we have different religion we can also have different sexual orientation. And we should learn them that. They have to know that each person deserve respect and it should not be  treated like a joke no matter if he is gay, lesbian or straight.

So mothers, sisters, and all you out there, learn your kids, brothers and not only that love is the same for everyone, it doesn’t matter what gender have two people that are in love, what it matters is that we all live in peace and happiness, because after all we are all people and we share the same land.

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